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Hippach to Jausenstation


One of three double digit climbs to Jausenstation

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Climb Summary

Zell am Ziller Region


World Top 10 Most Scenic Bike Climb

We LOVE this area!!  This is an exceptional and little known climbing area.  4 Top World Climbs are accessed from this spot, although a couple do have some overlap to them.  Zell am Ziller is an excellent town for a visit (see slideshow) and we very much enjoyed our stay and climbing in this wonderful Austrian Climb Zone!

So, what does this place have to offer????  A very quaint town as your base and some extremely challenging climbs!



The climbs Include Hippach to Jausenstation (an incredible overlook at the top of 3 climbs and great cafe!!) at 8.4 miles/10.8% [Wow!]/4,603’ gained, Aschau-Kristall Hutte: 9.9 miles 10.6%/4,603’; Aschau Murmelland: 6.9 miles/10.5%/4,019 and Zelberg to Jausenstation at 9.6 miles/10.@%/4,720’ gained.

Jausenstation - near end of all climbs - THE place to relax after the challenging ascents