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Salmon Glacier Road


Southernmost ride in Alaska - climbs includes USA + CAN

Page Contributor(s): Bryant Robbins and Jill Aho, Palmer, Ak, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Salmon Glacier, Alaska-British Colombia

Ride 13.3 miles gaining 3,555’ at 4.7% average grade.

Climb summary from PJAMM’s northernmost contributors, Bryant Robbins and Jill Aho, Palmer, AK, USA.

The route to the beginning of the climb from Hyder on National Forest Road 88 is paved for 3.5 miles to the Fish Creek Bear Viewing Site. Bears may be seen here mid July through September. However cyclists are not normally a part of their diet, salmon are.  The entire 13.3 miles of the actual climb are on gravel.  The gravel portion is manageable on a road bike with wider tires, but a gravel bike is recommended.

The climb enters Canada at mile 2.4

The border crossing is not staffed and you may ride into Canada without showing a passport.

Hyder Alaska (pop. 87).

Hyder Alaska (pop. 87)  is the southernmost community in Alaska. It is the type of place most people imagine when they think of Alaska.  Accessible by road only from Canada, it is closer to Seattle than to Anchorage Alaska. The nearest Alaskan town by road is Skagway, 699 miles away. Little wonder that the clocks are set to British Columbia time and Canadian money is accepted. What it lacks in accessibility, it makes up for in scenery and funkiness.

Northern tip of the Portland Canal

Portland Canal

Gravel for ___ miles.

Thank you Jill Aho and Bryant Robbins, Palmer, AK, USA