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Maligne Lake


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Maligne Lake

Page Contributor(s): Lynn Sugden, Sherwood Park, AB, CAN

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Climb Summary

Cycling Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Ride 40 kilometers gaining 815 meters at 1.6% average grade.

This glacially formed lake just 40 kilometers from Jasper is famed for its beauty and the azure color of its waters. The lake is an often photographed scenic representation of Jasper National Park.

Maligne Lake Chalet is located at the northern tip of the lake.

The Maligne Lake Boathouse is also located at the northern tip of the lake.

One of the most beautiful bike climbs in Jasper NP, Alberta and all of Canada.

The official Canadian National Park website writes of Maligne Lake Chalet:

“The Maligne Lake Chalet and Guest House are rustic log buildings situated on a rise of land that offers magnificent views of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. The site illustrates the prominent role played by outfitters, guides and railways in the development of tourism in the mountain national parks.”  more

Maligne Lake is fed and drained by the Maligne River.

The lake is extremely beautiful and scenic.

A one-in-a-lifetime scenic cycling experience is to climb Lake Maligne and its neighboring climbs less than 10 km away Marmot Basin and Mount Edith Cavell

You have a good chance of spotting a bald eagle if you are on the alert . . . .

Thank you Lynn Sugden, Sherwood Park, AB, CAN

Lynn’s contributed all photographs to this page.