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43.9 mi
7,751 ft
2.9 %



Cycling Trail Ridge: Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park's fantastic bike climb. At nearly 44 miles, the Trail Ridge bike climb is the second longest climb by bike in the US (second only to the longest bike climb in the entire world - Mauna Loa, HI). We rise above tree level to sweeping unobstructed views of the Rocky Mountains and finish at an oxygen deprived 12,151'.
All of the five longest climbs in the world (PJAMM World Longest Bike Climbs) have a significant amount of overall descent, although #5 Trail Ridge has the second fewest at 962'.  There is a 4.5 mile -1.5% segment on this climb that makes up for over half the descent on the entire 44 mile climb.  Excluding descent from the climb raises the climb's average grade from 2.9 to 4.1%. 

53% (23.2 miles) of the climb is at 0-5% and 28% (12 miles) 5-10%.  The steepest mile on the ride is 9.8% and happens to come at mile 16.7 just before the 4.5 mile descent. There is only 8/10ths of a mile at 10% or above. 

See more details and tools regarding this climb's grade via the “Profile Tool” button above.
Roadway:  The roadway is in excellent condition throughout the climb. 

Traffic: The first 22 miles of the climb are on moderately travelled Highways 24 and 34. After passing through Estes Park at mile 22 traffic is mild and not a concern. 

Parking:  There is parking near the start of the climb at The Dam Store - Map; Street View of parking - ask at The Dam Store if you can park in their extended parking and they will likely o.k. the request.  If you are doing the shorter (18 mile) climb from Estes Park, park either on Fish Hatchery Road at the beginning of the alternative climb (map) or in Estes Park a mile southeast (Google Parking Map).
There are provisions in several spots along this climb, although none for the last 16 miles after entering the park.  Be sure to visit The Dam Store at the beginning or finish of your climb - it is a cool little store.  We have also enjoyed the Glen Haven General Store at mile 15.5 and Gateway Grocery and Ice Cream Shop just before the Rocky Mountain NP entrance at mile 26.7 (Street View). 

Since you will finish this climb above 12,000', nearly 7,000' higher than the start, be sure to consult the PJAMM Weather forecast for the expected conditions at the finish and pack clothing accordingly. 
Before heading out on any cycling adventure check out our Things to Bring on a Cycling Trip and use our interactive check list to ensure you don't forget anything.
For this climb we have stayed in and very much enjoy Estes Park.  Trail Ridge is also easily accessible from Denver (60 miles; PJAMM Denver Climb Page) and Boulder (38 miles; PJAMM Boulder Climb Page).  There are great options for vacation rentals in each of those areas as well.

Rocky Mountain National Park Alpine Visitor Center (map) is four miles past our finish.  There is a store next to the VC.  The Continental Divide is eight miles past our finish at Milner Pass (Map).



Difficulty: Extreme



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Aug 15, 2022
difficulty: Extreme
scenery: 5
traffic: 3
road: 4
Aug 15, 2022
scenery: 5
traffic: 3
road: 4
From the Dam Store, this is a testy 85 -mile ride up and back. Road never super steep (13+). We did this ride on a Saturday so traffic was probably above normal but still light. Never a climbing beast but makes for a long, hard day.
Jun 15, 2022
Just a tad confused. The distance is listed at just over 43 miles. However, in the suggestions, it's suggested that we start at The Dam Store then "Ride 31 miles and turn right onto Trail Ridge Road for the final 23 miles." 31 + 23 = 54. Can someone help explain the difference? Thanks, in advance. jwt
Jun 16, 2022
Hmm... youre right, 23 more miles would take you about 2500 feet down the other side to Fairview Curve. I think we meant 13 miles, which would take you to the Rock Cut parking lot where we end this route. I'll fix this, thanks for pointing it out. Great catch!
Mar 26, 2021
difficulty: Strenuous
scenery: 5
traffic: 4
road: 4
Mar 26, 2021
scenery: 5
traffic: 4
road: 4
I used to live in Loveland, CO and would bike to RMNP almost every week in the summer. At least once or twice a year I would ride all the way from Loveland, up Old Fall River Road, and down Trail Ridge Road, and back home. That was about 110 miles with 8 or 9K feet of climbing. Always loved that loop. Trail Ridge Road is also great on its own. I'd always recommend starting early in the summer to beat the traffic. The temperatures at the top are always much colder and usually a LOT of wind. Go all the way to the Alpine Visitors Center for a snack, then back up to the Rock Cut high point and descend. This descent is SO FUN. Just really nice and winding with incredible views. The road is in good shape.
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Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - cyclist riding on curved portion of two-lane road surrounded by greenery, mountains in background

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

A US Top 10 Most Scenic Bike Climb.

Alternate shorter route beginning just west of Estes Park is 18 miles - Map


Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States, traversing Rocky Mountain National Park and offering spectacular views along the giant switchbacks 20 miles below a summit that tops out at a whopping 12,000'.  At 43.9 miles, Trail Ridge is also the second longest bike climb in the U.S. and the seventh longest in the world.   Visit PJAMM Cycling’s Rocky Mountain National Park page for more information on climbs in this area.

“One of the most difficult climbs in Colorado, the east side of Trail Ridge northwest of Denver is a very spectacular ascent into Rocky Mountain National Park. Quite shallow to start, after several miles you will pass through the national park entrance gate ($5 for bikes).  Mountain meadows with evergreen trees dominate the lower portion and you soon begin to switchback a bit up the mountain. The grade is fairly steady and never steep as the road soon begins to hug the ridge in places through the middle of the ascent. Near the top the grade eases and there is a false flat just before the true summit. The setting is tundra-like here with great mountain views and you soon summit at Trail Ridge (12,183 feet), one of the highest passes in the United States. This road keeps you above treeline for a greater distance than any other in the United States except for mighty Mount Evans and Pikes Peak. It is a long and shallow hill but don’t underestimate the elevation attained on this climb. Due to its elevation it has a pretty short window to ride and does carry a lot of traffic at times so ride early in the day if possible…” (This quote is presented with the approval of John Summerson, from his book, The Complete Guide to Climbing (by Bike), 2nd Edition, pg. 166.)

John Johnson PJAMM Cycling with bike at high point of Trail Ridge bike climb

The longer cycling route, which is the less popular version and the one featured on our climb page, begins on Highway 34 at Dam Store.  This is a very long route at 43.9 miles, 7,710’ at 3.1% (Map).  Please see Dam Store slideshow for photos of this climb from the start to where the standard climb begins just west of Estes Park.  

Fragile World sign on bike climb up Trail Ridge

When to Climb Trail Ridge by Bike:  This bike climb tops out above 12,000’ so it is best to do it between June and September.  Trail Ridge Road does close during the winter:

“It is open to vehicle traffic roughly from Memorial Day weekend in May through Columbus Day in October. Temporary closings may occur in early June or late fall because of snow. Occasionally it opens earlier in May. Average close date is October 23 (latest close date Dec. 2, 1933) when the Park Service gives up fighting the snow and turns the road back to Mother Nature for the winter. During winter  it is closed between Many Parks Curve and the Colorado River Trailhead.  Call  (970) 586-1222 anytime for the latest Park recording of the status of the road”  (Rocky Mountain National Park).  

Though we’d say that the best months to ride Trail Ridge are June to September, there are never any “guarantees” . . .

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, cyclist standing and riding on wet road with extremely tall snow walls on either side

Left photo:  Marloes Dekkers near Rainbow Curve Overlook ~10,875’ -- May 29, 2019

Right photo: Tiemen van Boxtel near Forest Canyon Overlook, ~11,716’ -- May 29, 2019


How to Climb Trail Ridge by Bike:  Since the high point of this climb is just over 12,000’ (36% less oxygen there than at sea level), it is best to acclimate to altitude if possible.  However, we can say that the two times we climbed Trail Ridge by bike we did so on our first day in Colorado after traveling from nearly sea level in our Sonoma County Northern California home base.  We suggest a road bike with compact chainring and at least a 28t cassette.  While the average grade for this incredibly long climb is only 2.9%, the crux of the climb is above 10,000’ (the last 10 miles average 5.5%, which seems a lot harder as we approach 11 and 12,000 feet of altitude).

Before heading out to tackle the glorious Trail Ridge Road, be sure to rely on our list of Things to Bring on a Cycling Trip, and use our interactive checklist to ensure you don't forget anything.

Start of Longer Trail Ridge Route:

Start at The Dam Store on Highway 34 west of Loveland.

Ride 31 miles and turn right onto Trail Ridge Road for the final 13 miles.

This route is the second  longest bike climb in the US, behind the Mauna Loa (longest cycling climb in the world at 62.2 miles) and seventh in the world behind #1 Mauna Loa, #2 Wuling Pass East, Taiwan (54.3 miles)  #3 Alto de Letras, Colombia (50.5 miles), #4 Punta Callan, Peru (45 miles), #5 La Muerta (45 miles) and #6 Conococha, Peru (44 miles).

Mauna Loa - longest bike climb in the world 

Mauna Loa, Island of Hawaii -- longest road bike climb in the world.

The “shorter” (18 miles; map) and more popular route to the high point  begins just three miles northwest of Estes Park, Colorado.  We recommend staying in Estes --  it is a very charming town. Trail Ridge Road is the northernmost Top 100  cycling climb in Colorado, and can easily be included in a Denver Area Top 100 trip, which would additionally include #97 Magnolia Dr (Boulder, Colorado - 44 miles south) and #11 Mt. Evans (Idaho Springs - 84 miles south). You cold also throw in #5 Pikes Peak for good measure (Colorado Springs - 147 miles south).

​The first nine miles of the climb are mild,

with nice views of meadows and forest surroundings. 

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, signs for Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake, Overlook Ranch Estes Park, Entering Big Thompson Canyon, views along the roadway of rock formations

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, inside and outside of Glen Haven General Store

Hold out until Glen Haven -- excellent fudge and more here at mile 15.4.

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - large light up construction signs reminding drivers to 'WATCH FOR CYCLISTS'

The highway is busy, but motorists are certainly alerted to our presence.

Claire's Place in Estes - sign and front of restaurant

23 miles to Estes -- Claire’s Restaurant is awesome!

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, inside the Fall River Visitor Center

The Fall River Visitor Center is located just before the Fall River entrance to the park.

There is a store and restaurant next door to the Visitor Center.

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, toll booth to enter Rocky Mountain National Park, Fall River Entrance 

Mile 27 -- enter Rocky Mountain National Park;

As of 2020, there is a $15 charge to get into the park on a bike,  but . . .


   Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, NPS signs reminding visitors that "This is a Protected Area" and "It is Illegal to Feed or Approach Wildlife", climb map and gradient profile

. . .  the park is cycle-friendly and environmentally sensitive.

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, bike parked at various viewpoints miles within entrance point to park, long stretch of road surrounded by evergreen trees, open valley with golden grass, small pond, mountains, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Scenes within the first few miles of entering the park.

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, signs near park entrance and within the park, including Highway 34 sign, Estes Park City Limit sign, etc., PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Signs near and just inside the park (enter park at mile 27).

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, viewpoint at mile 30, Horseshoe Park, bike parked against informational sign, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

First viewpoint at mile 30.

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, Mary Parks Curve Overlook at mile 35, bike parked along craggy rock overlooking mountains in distance, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Mary Parks Curve Overlook at mile 35 (elevation 9,700’).

We turn right at mile 31 (staying on Highway 34), which is where Trail Ridge Road begins and takes us another 12.7 miles to the summit of this climb (gaining 3,305’ at 4.7% average grade).

The views transition to mountains and canyon as we ride the next seven miles and travel above tree line into more barren surroundings at around mile 16. Altitude is certainly a factor on this ascent as we exceed 12,000' which is rare (only seven of the Top 100 U.S. climbs are above 12,000').

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - Garmin device showing overview of hairpins along the climb

Some awesome hairpins on this climb - big ‘uns!

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, sign for Rainbow Curve overlook, informational signs, bike parked against low stone retaining wall overlooking mountains in distance, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Rainbow Curve Overlook at mile 40 (10,800’);

Roadway just traveled an part of giant hairpin across the ravine;

Lower portion of roadway also visible left-center of photo.

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - aerial view of the 3.2 mile loop from Rainbow Curve

The giant 3.2 mile loop that ends at Rainbow Curve.

  Garmin 1000 elevation at top of Trail Ridge bike climb

Top of the climb, but not end of the line!

Continue past the roadway finish/high point to Communities Trailhead which accesses Mushroom Rocks, THE summit, but ya gotta earn it . . .

Bruce Hamilton hiking to high point of Trail Ridge

Bruce on his way up Mushroom Rocks to the summit . . .

Cyclist holding bike over head at high point of Trail Ridge bike ridge Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Mission accomplished at 12,300’.

The road passes the Continental Divide at Milner Pass (elevation 10,758’) which is about 8.9 miles down Trail Ridge Road after cresting the summit of our climb.


Continental Divide sign on Trail Ridge   

  Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - Continental Divide sign 

Continental Divide Top 100 US Bike Climbs:

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - Continental Divide signs at Independence Pass, Cottonwood Pass, and Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass (top photo) -- southwest Colorado (Pagosa Springs);

Independence Pass -- central Colorado (Aspen);
Cottonwood Pass -- central Colorado (Buena Vista).

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 17.1 (1.5%) and steepest mile at 16.9 (9.7%).

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report: This road is in excellent condition with minimal shoulder, but also light traffic, particularly after turning onto Trail Ridge Road from Highway 34 at the 5.5 mile mark. ​

Due to the pandemic, the park required and was out of permits on the day in July 2020 we visited.  The gate attendant told us to backtrack five miles to Estes Park and park in a parking lot there.  However, the ranger in charge of the Visitor Center let us park the van in back, for a price!! . . . 🍦

Cycling Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, bribing park ranger with ice cream so that PJAMM Cycling could park SAG van in parking lot

The ice cream story: center photo -- our parking spot;

Upper left and upper center photo:  the market where we obtained our parking fee.

Upper right: Visitor Center;  Lower right and center: payment made.

Bottom left: well, just because . . . 😉