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Cold Springs Summit (Beasore Road)


Peaceful and tough climb out of Bass Lake in the Sierra National Forest

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Climb Summary


Cold Springs Summit - yep!

This is a very scenic climb which begins at the northeastern edge of Bass Lake (Sierra Foothills - 10 miles east of Oakhurst, CA and south of Yosemite National Park).


The Bass Lake Lodge is a nice place to stay or get a meal.

Beasore Start.jpg

Climb begins on Beasore Road and Rd 274

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 5.1 (9.7%) and steepest mile at start of climb (8.8%)

The pavement is very good for the entire climb and there is minimal traffic (in fact, on Wednesday April 30, 2014 when we made this climb, we did not encounter one moving vehicle on the ascent or​ descent.

You can encounter snow in the winter and spring as we did at about mile 10 (7,000') in April, 2014.  Temperatures drop as you ascend, so come prepared with warm gear, particularly for the descent.

The Pines Resort, Bass Lake, is just across the street from the beginning of the climb and it has very nice cabins, restaurant and general store.

​Other Top 100 climbs in this area are Tollhouse Road, Hwy 168, and Hwy 180 East and West (See Climb Map -Home Page)​