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Modre Sedlo


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Page Contributor(s): Bryant Robbins and Jill Aho, Palmer, AK, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Modre Sedlo - the highest paved road and pass in Czechia

Ride 6.6 kilometers gaining 720 meters at 11.1% average grade.

Located in far northern Czechia just south its border with Poland, Modre Sedlo translates to “Blue Saddle” in Czech.  As far as we can tell, this is the most difficult bike climb in Czechia.

Summary from Bryant Robbins:

I did a lot of research looking for the “est” climbs – highest, hardest, etc. I think this one showed up on a Polish language website but I’m not sure. I remember the climb being a surprising beat down. It was the first ride of the trip and I hadn’t been doing much training. We decided to go east first and do “easier” climbs on smaller mountains in order to ride ourselves into shape before heading for the alps. But it turned out that the climbs we did before we got to the Alps were some of the hardest. This one was certainly a jumpstart to the trip.

Early in the climb, maybe where it enters the trees, the road is closed to vehicles and isn’t much wider than a bike path. It’s steep all the way to the summit. It does eventually break out of the trees onto a big open ridge. From the summit you can see a lodge ahead and slightly below you. There, you can get coffee, beer and food. They are proud of their local “copulating deer” beer. I got the impression that the lodge is normally reached by lift or by hiking. I don’t recall seeing any cars, nor did we see any other cyclists . . . an adventure ride on the edge of the cycling universe.  

Who are we to judge - you go Deer Friend . . . 👍

Photos by Bryant Robbins and Jill Aho, Palmer, AK, USA

Thank you Bryant and Jill.