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Climb Summary

Cycling Deer Creek Road - cyclist climbing, road, mountain terrain, road sign for Deer Creek Road

Cycling Deer Creek Road, Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California.

This is one of the great climbs of the Santa Monica Mountains (see PJAMM’s Santa Monica Mountain Climb Area Page) that begin from Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  This is the steepest of them all, averaging a whopping 11% average grade with ¼ mile at 14% and several 100 yard+ segments in the 16% range.  Deer Creek has the second steepest mile segment in all of Southern California, at 12.4% (just behind Las Flores Canyon’s 13%).

Climbing Deer Creek Road by bike - photo collage, severely curved road, bicycle overlooking ocean, straight road with coastal terrain

For the first mile, before the right hairpin, there are magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

Climbing Deer Creek Road by bike - photo collage, road, coastal and mountain terrain, road signs for curves ahead, rock slide area, and Deer Creek Road, road bicycles

Climb’s start.

Climbing Deer Creek Road - cyclist rounding corner on Deer Creek Road, coastal terrain, cliffside

Big right turn at the half-way point.  

Climbing Deer Creek Road by bike - bench overlooking ocean, road bike,

PJAMM tip of the day:

Always stop at the benches, where there is likely a nice view to be had . . . 👍

Climbing Deer Creek Road by bike - road bike in brush, side of road, climb's finish, yellow flowers, coastal terrain, ocean on horizon in distance

Climb’s finish.

That’s a wrap!!