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Climb Summary

Cycling Jacks Gap South, Georgia - bike parked on roadside against signs for 180

Cycling Jacks Gap South, Georgia

Ride 4.1 miles gaining 944’ at 4% average grade.

This gap is made popular by its inclusion in the Six Gap Century.  Also give strong consideration to turning left at the top and riding to the Brasstown Bald parking lot, then hiking 0.6 miles to the highest point in Georgia (Brasstown Bald Climb Page).  

Cycling Jacks Gap South, Georgia - Garmin device reading 12% grade, wet, slick roadways, sign for Georgia Scenic Byway

There are a couple sets of rollers in the middle of the climb.  The steepest quarter-mile is near the beginning and averages 10%.  The toughest extended segment is the last mile to the finish which averages 7.2%.  

Cycling Jacks Gap South, Georgia - PJAMM Adventure App shows climb grade and overview

PJAMM Adventure App showing climb details.

Cycling Jacks Gap South, Georgia - climb finish at Brasstown Bald Visitor Center

Finish at the start of the Brasstown Bald climb.

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  The roadway is excellent and traffic is mild on this segment.

Jacks Gap is one of the gaps included in  the 103.8 mile/11,230 vertical feet Six Gap Century (including Neels Gap, Hogpen Gap, Unicoi Gap, Jack’s Gap, Wolfpen Gap, and Woody Gap).  A route map of the Six Gap Century can be found here.

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