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Route 118 South


Extraordinary scenery during fall colors.

Page Contributor(s): John Summerson, The Complete Guide to Climbing (By Bike), 2nd Edition

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Climb Summary

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire - wet, two-lane road surrounded by fall foliage and mist

Cycling New Hampshire Route 118 South

Ride 4 miles gaining 1,300’ at 6.2% average grade.

This nice climb begins near Warren, New Hampshire (pop. 904; est. 1763). The climb has some challenging segments, with one mile averaging a tough 9%.

“The south side of 118 is a bit shorter and steeper overall but similar to its north side.  The road on which you ride carries little traffic much of the time.  It begins over shallow grade which goes up and down early on and you pass a few houses along the semi wooded road.  The slope gradually increases so that the middle of the climb contains the most challenging peddling on the mountain.  As you approach the top the grade eases just a bit overall and the climb ends at an unmarked summit within thick cover.” (This quote provided with the approval of John Summerson from his book, The Complete Guide to Climbing (by Bike) in the Northeast, pg. 102.)

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire  - photo collage, sign for White Mountain National Forest, fall foliage, Redstone Ballistic missle, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Extremely popular area during fall colors . . . and rightly so!

The town's most famous landmark is a Redstone ballistic missile erected in the center of the village green. It was donated by Henry T. Asselin, who transported the missile from the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama, in 1971, and placed it in honor of long-time Senator Norris Cotton, a Warren native.

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire  - bike parked in front of Redstone ballistic missle

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire  - signed photo of and informational sign about Redstone Ballistic missle

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire - informational sign on Redstone Ballistic Missle

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire  - PJAMM Adventure App shows climb grade and profile

PJAMM Adventure App showing climb gradient.

As with most climbs in the White Mountains, we are surrounded by trees most of the climb -- not a problem during leaf peeping season!  From the summit, we descend the north side of Route 118 into the charming tourist town of Lincoln, where the White Mountain National Forest Visitor Center is located.

Cycling Route 118 South, New Hampshire  - White Mountains visitors center

White Mountains Visitor Center, Lincoln, New Hampshire.

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