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Stainback Road


Climb out of Hilo on a very steep road surrounded by lush rain forest.

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Climb Summary


Due to the no trespassing sign at the 10 mile mark we cannot fully endorse this climb.  If you have information regarding this route, please email and 

Note: From Dennis M.:

This route gets heavily signed as "no trespassing" as you go up, the last mile getting increasingly urgent including "No public access beyond this point" and other threatening messages. You may want to include a note on the ride page. I think the first 3/4 is probably okay since there are various forest access points along the way, and it makes no sense that the road would be private but have official trailheads along the way.”

This ride is just south of Hilo, HI. Hilo is the capital of the State of Hawaii (Big Island) and one of the wettest cities in the U.S. (average rainfall of 126" and rainfall approximately 75% of the days throughout the year. Wikipedia for Hilo notes "An average of around 126.72 inches (3,220 mm) of rain fell at Hilo International Airport annually between 1981 and 2010, with 275 days of the year receiving some rain." True to form, we encountered rain throughout the ride in June, 2014. The view during this climb is fairly consistent - lush jungle-type setting from start to finish as can be seen from our YouTube video of the climb.





Top of the climb in 2013

The first half of this climb is 5.3% and the second half 6%, so this is a fairly mild and continuous climb.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 13.1 (8.7%) and mile at 15.5 (7.4%)

​Traffic/Roadway: Traffic is very light and the roadway surface is excellent throughout the climb.