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Petersburg Pass East


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Petersburg Pass East

Page Contributor(s): John Summerson, The Complete Guide to Climbing (By Bike), 2nd Edition

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Climb Summary

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts - bike parked in green field on side of road, fall foliage

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts

Ride 4 miles gaining 1,213’ at 5.7% average grade.

This is one of many climbs in and around Williamstown, Massachusetts.  Petersburg Pass is in the northwest corner of the state, the hub of bike climbing in the state. There are no distant views on this climb as we are surrounded by forest the entire climb -- yet, that’s a huge advantage during fall colors peak season.  

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts - bike parked at interchange sign pointing straight for Petersburg Pass, start of climb

Climb start.

“The east side of Petersburgh Pass is a pleasant and steady grade ride towards New York State.  Some views appear to the left as you gain altitude and there is usually little traffic on this road which becomes quite twisty in places but there are no surprises on this one.  Near the top you enter New York and the summit is reached soon after (pullout on left).” (This quote is provided with the approval of John Summerson from his book, The Complete Guide to Climbing (by Bike) in the Northeast, pg. 71.)

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts - Runaway Truck ramp on roadside, steep grade, PJAMM Cycling logo

The climb has a steady 5-7% grade which can wear on descending bigr igs.

Yes -- this is a highway, so not for the traffic-averse cyclists.

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts - white signs read "Entering Petersburg" and "Entering Williamstown, fall foliage

At the summit we enter Williamstown, Massachusetts (southeast) or Petersburg, New York (northwest).

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts - PJAMM Adventure App shows climb grade and profile

PJAMM Adventure App with details at climb finish.

Cycling Petersburg Pass, Massachusetts - road signs for entering New York state, Town of Petersburg, and 30 MPH, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Finish is just over the border into New York.