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Mohawk Trail West


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Page Contributor(s): John Summerson, The Complete Guide to Climbing (By Bike), 2nd Edition

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mohawk Trail West, Massachusetts - road signs read "Steep Hill - Curves, Next Mile Use Caution"

Cycling Mohawk Trail West, Massachusetts

Ride 4.1 miles gaining 1,235’ at 5.7% average grade.

This climb begins in North Adams just a few hundred yards from the start of the amazing Mount Greylock bike climb. The steepest part of the climb is ¼ mile near the beginning that averages 8%.

Cycling Mohawk Trail West, Massachusetts - sign for North Adams on side of road

“The west side of Route 2 is a steady grade climb with traffic from picturesque North Adams in western Massachusetts.  An easy start in town soon leads to increased grade but there are no real surprises on this one.  Eventually you encounter a big hairpin turn to the right as you ascend the ridgeline.  Soon the grade eases up to the obvious summit.  The traffic will be with you on this one most days but is a worthwhile climb and a fast descent back into town except for the tight switchback and vehicles at times.” (This quote is provided with the approval of John Summerson from his book, The Compete Guide to Climbing (by Bike) in the Northeast, pg. 74.)

Cycling Mohawk Trail West, Massachusetts - View from and of Golden Eagle Restaurant

The Golden Eagle Restaurant at the Route 2 Mohawk Trail Overlook.

Cycling Mohawk Trail West, Massachusetts - view from Wigwam Western Summit, fall foliage, sun beaming through clouds, white building on hillside overlooking view

Wigwam Western Summit,  just before the top.