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Teton Pass West


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Page Contributor(s): Eric Kuehl, Chicago, IL, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Teton Pass from Idaho

Ride 6.5 miles gaining 1,692’ at 5% average grade.

Teton Pass is on Hwy 22 in southwestern Idaho and connects Teton Valley, Idaho with Jackson Hole, Wyoming..  The Pass is located at the southern end of the Teton Range of western Wyoming and is 8,431’ above sea level.

Photos and climb report by PJAMM’s Eric Kuehl, Chicago, Illinois:

I started my climb/ride in the small town of Victor, Idaho which is about 5 miles from the Idaho-Wyoming border and 12 miles from the Teton Pass summit.  The ride out of Victor on Teton Pass Highway has a fairly easy grade with nothing more than 2% and a straight road until you hit the border.  The road is in good condition and has some car and truck traffic on it but it was not too bad in the mid-morning (10am) when I rode.  

When you hit the Idaho state line, where there is a parking lot if you would like to start the climb here, the grade begins to steepen and you enter the Grand TetonNational Forest and pass the Trail Creek campground on the right.  The road is in good condition and the shoulder is fairly wide and safe to ride on and is still fairly straight away.  

The first hairpin is about 3 miles from the summit and the majority of the elevation change and steepness of the climb occurs in this section.  There are a few, wide sweeping switchbacks with pullouts and great views of the pine forest below, with the steepest part of the climb coming in the last half mile before the summit, which has tighter and steeper switchbacks .  After 10%+ grades to finish the climb the reward at the top are breathtaking views of Jackson Hole to the east.  The  8,431 ft summit location is clearly marked with signage pointing out Jackson Hole.