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19.3 mi
4,672 ft
4.3 %


Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton/Stacy Topping, USA Ron Cushing, Cedar City, Utah, USA Erich Pawelka, Vienna, Austria


Cycling Kolob Terrace: one of the most picturesque bike climbs in Utah and the United States. On this ride we enter the extraordinary Zion National Park through the back door (see PJAMM's Zion NP climb area page for more information on Zion National Park).
Average grade is 4.3% (5.5% climb only).  16% of the climb is descent, 41% at 0-5%, 30% at 5-10% and 12% at 10-15%.  The steepest quarter mile is 11.7% and steepest mile 9.4%.  Most of the descent is the 3 miles getting you to the finish at Kolob Reservoir.

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Roadway:  As you would expect in a national park, the roadway is in excellent condition. 

Traffic:  Minimal.

Parking:  At climb start, just before the small bridgte - Map; Street View

Entrance to National Park:  There is no fee to enter this portion of Zion NP. 
Provisions:  You can get food and drinks at the Kolob General Store at mile 17.3 - Map; Street View.
Before heading out on any cycling adventure check out our Things to Bring on a Cycling Trip and use our interactive check list to ensure you don't forget anything.
We stayed in Springdale 16 miles from the start of this climb and used that as our staging area for the breathtaking climbs in the area.  Springdale also has options for vacation rentals as well.

See PJAMM's Climb Area Page:  Zion National Park.



Difficulty: Strenuous



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May 21, 2021
difficulty: Strenuous
scenery: 4
traffic: 4
road: 4
May 21, 2021
scenery: 4
traffic: 4
road: 4
Climbed this route Saturday, May 15, 2021. I started a little further down the road where I had car camped the night prior, and my total distance/elevation was 22.5 miles / 5000 feet. The steeper sections at the beginning of the ride are pretty tough if you've been doing a lot of national park hiking / riding, but, at the same time, the views at the start of the ride are phenomenal. The views towards the end when you get through Zion and into the Kolob community are pretty weak, but the ride also gets much easier at that point. Even on a Spring Saturday, traffic wasn't bad at all. I'd definitely recommend this as a tough ride for the avid cyclist around Zion. As a side, if you're camping, this road has tons of options, which was super convenient for me.

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Cycling Kolob Terrace Road - aerial drone photo of road and mountains

Cycling Kolob Terrace: On of the most scenic US bike climbs

Ride 15.4 glorious miles gaining 4,400’ to elevation 7,989 at 5.2% average grade.

Visit our Zion National Park page. 

Climb summary by PJAMM’s John Johnson.

Before heading to Zion on your cycling adventure, be sure to rely on our list of Things to Bring on a Cycling Trip, and use our interactive checklist to ensure you don't forget anything.

Bicycle ride up Kolob Terrace - red rock mountain formations bike and roadway

A US Top 10 Most Scenic Bike Climb

This amazing bike climb has incredible views of Southern Utah rock formations, enters and skirts the western edge of Zion National Park, and ends just short of Blue Springs Reservoir and Kolob Peak.  The toughest part of the climb is the very scenic stretch from miles three through five, which averages 8.4%.    

The Kolob Terrace Road bike climb takes us towards Kolob Mountain, in the Colorado Plateau Province, covering parts of the four corners area (western Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, southern and eastern Utah, and northern Arizona).

Bicycle ride of Kolob Terrace Road - start - roadway and mountains - cycllist on bike

Start four miles north of Virgin, Utah.

Sunset Canyon Ranch at mile 0.8.

Climbing Kolob Terrace by bike - cyclist at Zion National Park Sign with bike

Enter the great Zion National Park at mile two.

Tabernacle Dome at mile 5.5.

Climbing by bike Kolob Terrace Road - cyclist on road with Red Butte in background

Red Butte (cone, center photo) as seen from mile 5.8.

Bicycle ride Kolob Terrace Road - cyclist on road riding past Share the Road Sign 

Entering Cave Valley at mile 7.5.

Cave Valley from the air.

Aerial drone photo of Cave Valley on Kolob Terrace Road

By the mid point of the climb we are in an alpine setting.

Cycling Kolob Terrace - bike on snowbank

Beware of the weather! It is best to travel here May through September . . .

. . . or, at least keep an eye on the weather forecast. .

Kolob Terrace bike climb - finish - roadway and forest

Kolob Mountain at mile 17 - market and provisions here.

Aerial drone photo of Cave Valley on Kolob Terrace Road

End of this stunningly beautiful ride at Kolob Reservoir.

Aerial drone photo of Cave Valley on Kolob Terrace Road

Thank you Bruce and Stacy!!


This Top 100 US Bike Climb is the southern and most remote (300 miles south of Salt Lake City) road cycling location in Utah.  However, this is truly a spectacular destination and worth the effort to travel to.

Cycling Kolob Terrace Road - John Johnson PJAMM with bike and rock formations in background

We LOVE the Kolob Terrace bike climb - one of the greatest in the US.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 4.5 (11.7%) and steepest mile begins at 4.1 (9.4%)

Traffic and Roadway Report:  As of October, 2019, the roadway surface was very good and the traffic along this route is minimal.  This is an excellent road for cycling.

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