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Hwy 38 - Valley of the Falls


Second half of this one is worth the busy traffic on the first half.

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Climb Summary


Cycling Hwy 38-Valley of Falls - the first 6 miles overlap with Onyx Summit bike climb.

Ride 14.9 miles gaining 4,450’ to elevation 6,025’ at 5.4% average grade.

This climb begins very gradually and through uninspiring landscape (if one were  looking  for the most scenic v. most challenging ride, begin this climb at mile 4.3 at the  intersection  of Hwy 38 and Bryant St - shaving off several miles of heavy and fast traffic  and un-scenic  views, but also 880' @ 3.9%).  


We enter San Bernardino National Forest  at about mile  5.5, but continue on a very busy road (although with a very wide shoulder -  see YouTube  Playlist) for another 5.1 miles (at 5.7% average grade) until the fork of Hwy  38 and Valley  of the Falls Drive (at mile 10.6).  


The final 4.2 miles on Valley of the Falls  Drive is through  a canyon setting which becomes very forested and scenic at about the  12 miles mark.  The climb from the fork to the top of the climb is 4.2 miles at 6.9% average  grade.

 As of  August, 2019 there is a Mexican restaurant and Elkhorn General Store at  mile 13.8.


Climb ends at the park at the end of the road.

     Top 100 rides in a 50 mile radius are #44 Hwy 330 8.5 miles northwest,  #47 Hwy 18/Old Waterman Canyon    15 miles northwest, and #19 Mt. Baldy 40 miles west.

Steepest ¼ mile and mile begins at mile 13.2 (11.3% and 8.2% respectively)