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Left Hand Canyon - Jamestown - Brainard


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Left Hand Canyon - Jamestown - Brainard

Page Contributor(s): Scott Herrin, Boulder, CO; Kevin Eggleston, Boulder, CO

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Climb Summary

Cycling Left Hand Canyon to Brainard Lake via Jamestown

Ride 23.6 miles gaining 5,222’ at 3.8% average grade.

This is a long but generally mild climb, although you will be tested for a mile near the half-way point with a mile 10.4% segment beginning at mile 10.6 and 2.5 miles at 9.4% from miles 9.2-11.7.  There are 2 sets of multiple short descent segments from miles 12-15 and 22-23.

The climb begins by riding west on Lefthand Canyon Drive from Hwy 36

We ride along Left Hand Canyon Creek the first 5 miles and then Little James Creek for another 5 or so.

Enter the National Forest at mile 3.5

We pass through historic Jamestown at mile 8.

Photo:  westernmninghistory.com

Photo:  westernmninghistory.com

Turn onto Peak to Peak Highway at mile 14.7 and Brainard Lake Road at mil 19.4

Finish at Brainard Lake.

The roadway is in great shape and traffic fairly mild along this climb.  There is a 1 ½ mile gravel section after Jamestown just before Peak to Peak Highway, but it is manageable on a road bike, particularly with 28mm and above tires. From Jamestown, it’s ~4.5 miles paved and then ~1.5 unpaved to P2P. Unpaved not ideal on 23mm road tires.

2.1 miles of gravel/dirt at 1.5% beginning at mile 12.5 and continuing to Peak to Peak Hwy