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Baldwin - Olinda Roads


This one can be done along with Haleakala if you want a "real challenge"!! :)

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Climb Summary


Start at sea level if you wish.

Cycling Baldwin-Olinda Road - the lower leg of the Haleakala bike climb.

Ride 12.4 miles gaining 4,080’ to elevation 4,046 at 6.2%.


Bruce has met his match!

This climb shares its first 8 miles with the second highest Fiets Index climb in the US (Haleakala). Baldwin becomes Olinda at about 7 miles up the volcano from the start in Paia.

Climb begins in Paia at the intersection of Hwy 36 (Hana Hwy) and Baldwin Ave

Population 2,668 (2010), elevation 230’


Makawao is at mile 6.7 - provisions here.

Population 7,184 (2010), elevation 1,578’

At the 8 mile mark, instead of turning right on Hanamu Rd (for the Haleakala climb), we continue straight on Olinda for another 4.4 miles to the end of the road.  


At Oskie Rice Arena stay straight on Olinda Road.

The first 8 miles of this climb are mild and scenic - 4.4% average grade (1,888' gained, 3' descended).  

The last 4.4 miles of the climb are where the challenge begins and why this climb qualifies for the Top 100 - 4.4 miles, 9.1% average grade, 2,123'' ascent and 0' descended (you can see the dramatic change in the VeloViewer at the bottom of this page).

Along Olinda Road during last 4.4 miles at 9.1%

You’ll know when you are at the end.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 9.6 (11.7%) and mile begins at 9.2 (10.5%)

Provisions along the way:  Makawao (6 miles from start - market and bakery).  The Roadway surface is good the entire route, but traffic is fairly heavy for the first 7 miles although very mild thereafter.