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Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Cycling Malbun (BIG #600)

Ride 14.6 kilometers gaining 1,166 meters’ at 8% average grade.

This climb is to the only ski resort in Liechtenstein and is only 2 kilometers from the Auustrian border.

Steepest ½ kilometer is 13%, but . . . there are shorter, steeper segments.

Helmuth Dekkers (NL)  summary:

“This ascent is located in the small (just over 160 square kilometres / 62 square miles)  Principality of Liechtenstein which is enclosed by Switzerland and Austria. The ascent starts from the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, and leads to Malbun the only resort for skiing in Liechtenstein. From the outskirts of Vaduz one can see the impressive castle lying above the city. The road climbs out of Vaduz with some hairpin turns. The main road will bring you to a narrow (4.5m) but straight tunnel (so you can already see the exit when entering it) after 7km of cycling at close to 9% on average.

The Gnalp-Steg tunnel (1260m) is 740m long and due to its narrow width, traffic is regulated by traffic lights for buses and trucks. But for the diehards there is an alternative: Approximately 600m before the tunnel there is a small road to the left called Kulmstrasse with a sign indicating 24%! It takes you in 2.1km up to the old Kulm tunnel at 1472m with an average gradient of 10%. This old tunnel was created in 1867 and is just 48m long. Then the road goes down again for 1.4km to get to the main road at 1260m  with an average gradient of 15%!

Make sure your brakes are working well. In both cases you have now reached the village of Steg. From Steg there are 3km left to the top with an average gradient of a little over 10%. At the top there is a nice mountain panorama in case the weather is good.”

Thank you Helmuth Dekkers!!