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Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Cycling Tannenboden (Flumserberg Ski Resort)  BIG 571

Ride 17.2 kilometers gaining 990 meters at 5.7% average grade.

Summary from Helmuth Dekkers (NL)

The ascent starts in Flums and leads you to Flumserberg the largest wintersport area between Chur and Zurich. In summer it is also the start point for hikes on the Flumserberg as some cable cars and chair lifts start there to take you higher up.

So on your way up there is probably some traffic to take into account. The road goes up with a number of hairpin turns with quite long straights (1-2km) in between them and offers a nice view on the serrated mountain ridge of the Churfirsten mountains on the north of the Walensee lake.

Churfirsten mountain limestone serrated ridge in background

Left to right:  Frumsel, Brisi, Zustoll, Scheibenstoll and part of Hinterrugg

The standard 7 peaks of the Churfirsten are the

 listed from left to right and do not include the 2 far right

Image:  Wikipedia

The average gradient is close to 8.5% and only just before Tannheim it's a bit harder with 2km with 10% on average. After that it's 2km left to the top at 8% where you can relax at a restaurant with coffee or lunch while enjoying the view.

Bristi, Zustoll and Schibenstoll Peaks.