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Oberalppass North


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Oberalppass North

Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Cycling Oberalppass from the north

Ride 22 kilometers gaining 1,152 meters at 5.2% average grade.


Warning:  Bring taillight and headlight for tunnels on this route.

Scenes along the route.

Teufelsbrucke (Devil’s Bridge)

This is an amazing feat of construction over the Schöllenen Gorge which is enclosed by scheer granite walls.

“Around 1200 the original scorn - who knows, maybe even with the help of the devil - chuckled a masterpiece. With the construction of the Teufelsbrucke, they conquered the wild Schollen Gorge, which was previously considered impassable. This made the Gotthard route the shortest north-south connection. The villages on the route joined together to form summer cooperatives and benefited from the transport of foreign goods over the pass. In 1595 the wooden bridge were replaced by a stone building. She fell victim to a storm in 1888. In 1830 another bridge was built with the construction of the passable road, which was replaced in 1956 by today's Teufelbrucke.”

Thank you Helmuth Dekkers!!

Helmuth’s words of wisdom:

On this route there are many tunnels and galleries (half open tunnels where the roof protects you from falling rock but you can look outside on the valley side) one has to cycle through. When cycling via the N2 (the first 10.6 km) you will encounter numerous tunnels and galleries! I didn't feel uncomfortable cycling through these but I do recommend not to cycle that road during the weekend or holiday period as the traffic can be quite a bit more and definitely bring a tail and head light for safety. There are parts that are prohibited for cyclists but I did see many other cyclists on that road coming down or going up when I drove to my hotel. And also when I cycled it I was not the only cyclist. As long as you take precautions (lights) and avoid weekend and holiday periods you should be fine as I see it.

Tunnel locations along the route.

When the turn to the Oberalppass has been taken in Andermatt (km 10.6), the traffic reduces substantially. At the end, along the lake and near the pass there is a very long gallery. It's a bit darker than normal galleries as there is a railroad between the road and the lake going through the same gallery. But it is well lit and there is some daylight too. And due to the very low amount of traffic absolutely not a problem to cycle through with tail and headlights, of course.