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N4 - Table Mountain


Climb from the western tip of the Mojave desert into the cool alpine atmosphere of Angeles National Forest.

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Climb Summary


The first 3 miles of this climb are at 4.3% average grade and we are surrounded by Joshua Trees  as we climb towards the mountains.  At mile 3, the scenery changes as we begin to enter a canyon-like setting and the road ramps up a bit to an average of 6.2% for the next 3 miles to the left turn from Vista Largo Road onto N4/Big Pines Hwy.  


We enter Angeles National Forest at 9.4 miles and are surrounded by alpine forest the remainder of the ride.  At mile 12.5 turn left onto Table mountain and the remaining 1.3 miles to the finish at Mt. High Ski Resort are at 7.3% average grade.  This is a remote climb along a very lightly used road, feels safe and is just a nice and enjoyable climb.  

Food and Fluids:  There are no provisions along the way and it is unlikely the ski resort cafeteria will be open when you do this climb, so bring sufficient food/water for a 27 mile round trip that includes 4,000' of climbing.  

Traffic and Roadway report:  As of October, 2014, the roadway surface was very good and, while there is no shoulder, there is very little traffic and the road felt safe.