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Balch Park Road


Easier route to Balch Park Campground (alternate route up is Bear Creek Road)

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Climb Summary


Balch Park Road is a loop that includes Bear Creek Road.  Two other Top 100 climbs are within 8 miles of the start of Balch Park Road (#21 Bear Creek Road [2.8 miles] and #40 Hwy 190 [7.5 miles]).  As with Bear Creek Road, Balch Park enters the Sequoia National Forest in the first quarter of the climb (at mile ~5.7).    At 4.9% average grade, this is a fairly  tame climb and does not present the extremely steep climbing segments that Bear Creek Road just over the hill does. The first half of the climb is 5.6% average grade and the  second about 4.2%.  The Balch Park area has many recreational activities and camping to tack onto the climb trip if desired. The first 9 miles of the climb take us through  generally unattractive scrub brush, but with some dynamic views of granite mountain faces between miles 4-8.  We begin to enjoy the true Sequoia National Forest around  miles 9-10 and the scenery gets more and more dramatic as we ascend.

IMG_1237.JPG     IMG_2178.JPG

Inauspicious start but spectacular finish!

Traffic and Roadway report:  The roadway surface, other than the first few miles, is very poor,  rutted, pot-holed and with plenty of loose gravel that makes for a rough and bumpy  descent.  There is a bit more trailer traffic on this side of the mountain than the Bear Creek side, but this is still light and the motorists we encountered were always respectful  and often offered an encouraging shouts and waves.


Climb #8 of our 4-day Southwestern Sierra climb trip.


Steepest ½ mile starts at mile 4.3 (8.6%)