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Lone Pine Canyon - Blue Ridge Summit


Beautiful Climb into Southern California's Angeles National Forest

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Climb Summary


This climb begins on the eastern side of the San Gabriel Mountains (Angeles National Forest)  and travels 10 miles to the very quaint alpine town of Wrightwood (which can be used as base camp for some epic Southern California climbs – more on that below).  



We ride through Lone Pine Canyon for miles 2-7 then another 3 miles to Wrightwood - along this portion of the route we have some great views of  rock formations  and at around mile 1.5 to the southwest down Swarthout Canyon towards San Bernardino.   We reach alpine level at mile 7 and turn left onto Hwy 2 (Angeles Crest Hwy) at mile 10 and begin our trek past Wrightwood and Mountain High Ski/Board Resort to our junction with Table Mountain (Table Mountain Climb) and Hwy 2 (left to head up to Blue Ridge Summit) at mile 14.   This junction is the connector to  several other Top U.S. and Southern California climbs (Dawson Saddle, N4-Table Mountain, Mt. Wilson)



After passing through Wrightwood we continue on Hwy 2 for 3 miles, past the lower Mountain High Ski/Board Resort area and soon come upon the junction of Hwy 2/Big Pines Hwy (Route N4) and Table Mountain Road.  

The  Blue Ridge Summit climb shares all but its last 2 miles with Lone Pine Canyon / Table Mountain Climb and is the more scenic of the 2 final segments to the Lone Pine Canyon climb.  At the Hwy 2/N4/Table Mountain junction, go far left and travel the next 2 very scenic miles to the Blue Ridge Summit sign at the location where the Pacific Coast Trail passes through.  As is seen from the slide show below, there are some fairly epic views along this short stretch and the quarter mile past Blue Ridge Summit.  Last portion is 1.9 miles / 515’ / 5.2%



                                                                                             Climb ends at PCT

Roadway surface and traffic:  The roadway is in good condition throughout the ride, particularly the 6 miles after turning onto Hwy 2 (Angeles Crest Hwy).  Traffic is moderate as this is an alternate to the much more travelled Hwy 2 eastern approach to Wrightwood from Hwy 138.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 7 (10.8%)