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3.4 mi
1,208 ft
6.7 %



This climb up to one of the most iconic signs in the world isn't to be taken lightly - two mile-long sections at over 9% will keep your quads screaming for mercy. That being said, bring a camera along on our vote for the most scenic climb in the urban Los Angeles area.

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Free 2 hour street parking is available along Beachwood Drive near the start of the climb.

We grade the surface as fair, although it gets slightly worse once you cross into the "pedestrian only" section at mile 2.1. Contrary to what signs might tell you, cyclists are allowed to ride past the gate up to the sign! We checked with a security officer during our ride.  
The climb is unsupported but plenty of stops in the area, being in urban Los Angeles.
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If you're going to do this climb, you're either a local or are going to be spending the day in Hollywood sightseeing. Here are some of our favorite hangout spots for after the ride:
- Griffith Park (see our Griffith Observatory climb!)

There are two iconic climb zones in the immediate surrounding area, the Santa Monica Mountains just to the west and the San Gabriel Mountains on the right. Some of the best climbs in southern California are here, including Mt. BaldyMt. WilsonLatigo Canyon Road, and Decker Canyon Road.

The Hollywood Hills also have some great climbing, you can string this sign in with almost any streets in the surrounding neighborhood for an epic ride (see our Suggested Rides in the second tab in the Full Summary)



Difficulty: Moderate



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Aug 14, 2021
difficulty: Moderate
scenery: 3
traffic: 4
road: 4
Aug 14, 2021
scenery: 3
traffic: 4
road: 4
Meh? Worth doing if you're in the area, just so that you can get a photo from behind the sign. The last stretch is a little hairy with a torn up road, lots of tourists, and a decaying picket fence to keep you from falling over the edge. Worth doing once.

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Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign - panoramic views of Hollywood sign

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign.

Ride 3.4 miles gaining 1,231’ at 6.9% average grade.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - aerial drone footage of Hollywood sign and surrounding hillsides

This is one of the most famous signs in the United States.  The Hollywood sign was built in 1923 and is 45’ tall and 350’ long.  It was originally constructed as an advertisement for a Los Angeles housing neighborhood, thus making this one of the most well-known and famous billboards in the world.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - photo collage, Garmin reads 16% grade, sign for Mt. Lee Drive, PJAMM Cyclist riding on roadway with Hollywood sign in distance, view from above the Hollywood sign, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

The Hollywood sign is situated on Mt. Lee in the Hollywood Hill area of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - PJAMM Cyclist rides in center of roadway toward Hollywood sign

Right photo is one-quarter mile from the start

Left photo is 0.6 miles from the start.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign - PJAMM Adventure App shows climb profile and overview

PJAMM Adventure App at climb start.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - plaques for Hollywoodland, Two Stone Gates, bike parked in front of stone gate

Enter Hollywoodland at mile 1.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign - views along the climb, narrow roadways, houses, hillsides

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign - viewpoints along the climb to see the Hollywood sign

There are several sign viewpoints along the climb.

At mile 2.1 there is a gate that blocks the road.  To the left of the gate is the entrance to the trail that takes you to the back of the Hollywood sign.  We were warned by a parking enforcement officer that bikes are not permitted on the trail, but there are no signs that say that and as of December, 2020, 1370 Strava members had ridden our route with Phil Gaimon holding the KOM.  Strava Segment link.

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - aerial drone footage of Hollywood sign from above

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - photo collage, Hollywood sign from behind, bike parked against stones at climb summit, scrub brush on hillsides, signs for Mt. Lee Drive, sign for Aileen Getty Ridge Trail

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - views of Los Angeles skyline from mile 2 on climb

There are a couple of locations between miles 2 and 2.5 with views of the LA skyline. 

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign  - bike parked on hillside overlooking hillsides covered in scrub brush, Los Angles skyline in distant horizon

Cycling to the iconic Hollywood sign - aerial drone views of Hollywood sign

That’s a wrap!!

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