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Postill Lake


Nice views of Okanagan Valley and Ellison Lake along this climb.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Postill Lake

Ride 6 kilometers gaining 394 meters at 6.4% average grade.

This climb begins just north of Kelowna International Airport (YLW) in very populated (117,000) tourist town of Kelowna, BC.   While the Postill Lake climb climb does not offer the spectacular mountain and rock formation views of climbs further north, it does have good views of the Okanagan Valley and Ellison Lake to the west as we climb the brief 6 km / 3.7 miles climb at 7.1% average grade.  

To the west of Ellison Lake is the mighty Lake Okangowan, home to 6 top Canadian climbs: Silver Star Road (Vernon),  Postill Lake Road (Kelowna), Crystal Lake (Kelowna), Hwy 97C (Peachland), Carmi Avenue (Penticton), and Apex Mountain (Penticton).

 This climb does not have the dramatic scenery that many of the other top Canadian climbs do, but it is a great workout for those living in or visiting the Kelowna area.

Roadway surface and traffic:  This is a wide roadway with no center stripe. The surface is a bit rough at the bottom, but becomes smoother as we ascend – there are no major ruts or potholes in the road however.