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Mt. Pinos


Highest start for a climb in Southern California.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mt. Pinos - aerial drone photo of  Mountains, Frazier Mountain Park Road, valley 

Cycling Southern California’s Mt. Pinos: Start just off the top of the Grapevine.

20.5 miles, gain 4,566’ to 8,392’ at 4.2%

Start is through the pass at upper-middle of screen, road is at base of hill to left of photo.

Mt. Pinos boasts the highest starting point for any Southern California climb (at 3,863') and the second highest finish point at 8,345' (just 98' below the granddaddy of So. Cal. finishes, Onyx Summit).  As with so many of the incredible Southern California climbs, we begin in high desert surroundings (albeit just west of Tejon Pass at the top of the I-5 Grapevine).  

Bike climb Mt. Pinos - bike leaning against Los Padres National Forest sign

Enter Los Padres National Forest at mile 1.6.

Established 1936; 1,900,000 acres.

At mile 6.8, bend right onto Cuddy Valley Road and travel the remainder of the route to the northern end of the Chula Vista Campground parking lot.  High desert landscape gradually gives way to a wonderful alpine setting around the halfway point of this climb.  The climb ends at Mount Pinos Nordic Base.

Bike climb Mt. Pinos - Cuddy Road, mountains behind 

Cuddy Valley Road begins at mile 6.5 (Lake of the Woods)

Photo taken at mile 8.5.

The road to Frazier Park (mile 3.5) is moderately busy, but once you pass Pinon Pines Estates at Mile 9 you’ll have smooth sailing on a nice roadway into the forest with little traffic.  The last half of this climb is very quiet as we ride through a peaceful alpine setting in the Los Padres National Forest.

Climbing by bike Mt. Pinos - bike leaning against chains required sign, road, snow covered mountain 

We love riding in Southern California during the winter!

Cycling Mt. Pinos - not a through road sign

Mountain top finish.  👍

Cycling Mt. Pinos - Mt. Pinos Nordic Center - bike leaning against railing with pjamm cycling jacket 

Climb ends at the Mt. Pinos Nordic Base.

Aerial drone photo of Cuddy Valley Road leading to Mt. Pinos Nordic Center.

Aerial drone photo of roadway to Nordic Center (road runs right to left).

Steepest ¼ miles begins at mile 16.4 (8.6%)