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9 mi
3,291 ft
6.9 %


Page Contributor(s): Anja Kalan, Škofja Loka, Slovenija; Ard Oostra, Switzerland


Cycling the challenging HC Mount Olympus, the highest and hardest bike climb in Greece. This is one of the greatest bike climbs in Greece, with 30 hairpins, wide open views and mythological status. 
Average grade is 7% with 0 descent. 85% of this climb is at 5-10% grade. The steepest 500 meters is 9.8%.
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Roadway: 2 lane road in excellent condition with a center stripe and no shoulder.

Traffic: Minimal.

Parking: On the side of the road at the start of the climb - Map; Street View. 
Provisions: There is no place along the route that you can get food or water. There is a roadside café 2.3 kilometers to the southwest - Route map; Street View; Google Map + Reviews and in Olympiada 5 kilometers southwest - Route Map. 
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One place to visit just 1.4 kilometers off our route (turn right at kilometer 1.8) is the Agia Triada Monastery, Sparmos - Google Map + Reviews. 



Difficulty: Challenging



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Mar 5, 2021
difficulty: Challenging
scenery: 5
traffic: 5
road: 5
Mar 5, 2021
scenery: 5
traffic: 5
road: 5
One of the best climbs in this part of greece for me. We did it all the way from the sea level so just to come to the top we did around 2000m up and then around the same back. 🤩🤩🤩🤩 If you are near by, climb is a must. There are also some water fountains along the way. Just be aware of shepard dogs, especially at the beginning of a climb. A TIP, when you see shepard dog the best thing to do is to go off your bike and talk to the dog and slowly walk by the dog,because they are not used to cyclists and for that they are affraid of them. 🤩🤩🤩
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Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - two-lane roadway snakes it's way up mountainside with green grace, blue sky and mountains beyond

Cycling the mythical Mount Olympus, Greece.

Ride 14.5 kilometers gaining 1,013 meters at 7% average grade. 

Thanks to Anja Kalan of Škofja Loka, Slovenija for the photographs on this page. Anja road the mountain in May 2019 while its peaks were still white, demonstrating the beauty of this iconic mountain.  For a moment she was the ZEUS of Mount Olympus!

Mount Olympus is on the Greek mainland and is really more of a mountain range than a solo mountain peak.  It consists of many deep gorges, along with no less than 52 peaks, with Mytikas (meaning nose) being the highest at 2,917 meters (9,570’). At 1,643 meters, our ride ends well below Olympus’s highest peak, but this is a worthy ride towards the home of the gods.

The climb up Mount Olympus is decent in terms of gradient (7% average) and gets above 10% a few times for short sections.

Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - cyclist rides on curve in two-lane roadway on mountainside, mountains can be seen layering the horizon, white clouds in blue sky

Climb summary from our Legendary Mountains co-author Ties Arts, Bussum, Netherlands.

On the list of Iconic Mountains, the home of the mythological Greek Gods – Mount Olympus – is a star by itself.  In Greek mythology, this mighty mountain was purportedly made by the Olympian Gods themselves.

Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - view from green grassy field looking out toward mountains, blue sky and white clouds beyond

The myth is that the ancient gods looked down upon the earth each day and decided on the fate of humanity.  The Titans, who were the older gods, battled with the younger gods, the Olympians, for control of the world. When the young gods defeated the Titans, they celebrated their victory by building Mount Olympus. The cloudy peaks were believed to be a screen created by the deities to hide themselves from the prying eyes of humankind. All Greek gods lived here, with the supreme god Zeus as their leader. Zeus was the protector and ruler of humankind, the dispenser of good and evil, and the god of weather and atmospheric phenomena (such as rain and thunder).

Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - two-lane roadway headed up mountainside covered in green grass and some shrubbery, blue sky and white clouds beyond

So climbing this mountain can make you feel like a god -- are you ready to try your hand at becoming the Zeus of this Iconic mountain??

The south ascent is the most beautiful one, it is switchback heaven (32x) and has magnificent views along the mythical countryside and mountain.

Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - aerial views looking down on Mount Olympus's snaking roadway as it switchbacks up the mountainside

You crawl yourself 14.7km up to the K.O.E.A.X., which is the starting point for skiing in the winter.  Here you will see buildings belonging to the Greek military.

Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - stone painted blue reading KEOAX with a yellow sword painted on it, in front of barbed wire with brown brick barracks-like buildings behind

Cycling Mount Olympus, Greece - cows stand on roadway along side of Mount Olympus, looking at camera

It is not uncommon to encounter free range cattle on the climb.

Thank you Anja!!