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Honey Springs Road


Pleasant and safe climb in south central San Diego County

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Climb Summary

Cycling Honey Springs Road, San Diego County

Ride 6.9 miles gaining 1,972’ to 2,625 elevation at 5.2% average grade.

Honey Springs Road is a pleasant and fairly private road located about 27 miles southeast of San Diego, a few miles southeast of Jamul (a town of about 6,000, 97.5% of whom, according to the signs, are against the massive casino being constructed as of winter 2016, just outside its border).  This climb does not have much in the way of greenery, but does have some fairly cool rock formations along the way.   The barren, high desert landscape at the bottom of the climb does give way to fairly interesting rock formations as we ascend.  


Climbing Honey Springs Road by bike - start of climb and roadway and share the road signs 

   There are mixed demographics along this route, with some extraordinary homes (dare we say mansions) sprinkled among trailers and shacks (all spread apart due to county zoning requirements – and the natural socio-economic constraints (demands) of our society) – it is a contrast in lifestyles as the classic junker-with-hood-up on the hill seen in the slideshow graphically demonstrates.

Bike ride up Honey Springs Road - abandon truck with hood up on hill




World Champion Peter Sagan (SVK) outsprints Wouter Wipper (NED)

San Diego, Stage 1 2016 Tour of California

Photo:  Cyclingweekly.com

Honey Springs Road has been featured once in the Tour of California:

  • 2016 Stage 1
  • San Diego to San Diego
  • 108.7 miles, 7,103’
  • Stage Winner:  Peter Sagan (SVK)

2016 Tour California Stage 1 profile.