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Montezuma Borrego Highway


Remote, but worth the trip!

Page Contributor(s): Larry and Carolyn Rose, Truckee, CA, USA

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Climb Summary

Climb summary

Ahhhhhhh - the third most difficult bike climb in San Diego County!  This one is worth the trip and is an exceptional climb.  

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This is a poor man's Mt. Lemmon - it has some very nice rock formations and distant, spectacular views of the Anza Borrego Desert and the stark San Jacinto Mountains just beyond.

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 For the ambitious cyclists, Montezuma Highway can be done in conjunction with Palomar Mt. East (the start of each climb is only 33 miles apart).

The climb begins in
Borrego Springs, CA which is a bit of a trek from San Diego (90 miles) but well worth the trip.  There is decent lodging in the area and great desert activities to choose from (hikes, birding, stargazing, cycling, etc.)  
Roadway surface and traffic:  The roadway surface is excellent and traffic mild to moderate, although it is a highway and traffic can pass by at a good clip.

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