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20.8 mi
5,768 ft
4.6 %


Page Contributor(s): Ties Arts, Bussum, Netherlands; Anja Kalan, Škofja Loka, Slovenija; Sander van der Borch, Delft , Netherlands; Ivan Botica, Croatia.


Mount Lovcen is a legendary climb in Montenegro located in the Lovcen National Park Lovcen in the rocky region of Dinara Alps.  This is a spiritual mountain with as set of extraordinary hairpins making it a popular destination for cyclists. 
Average grade is 4.6% (6.3% climb only).  16% of the route is descent, 37% is at 0-5% grade, 31% at 5-10%, 15% at 10-15% and 1% is at 15-20%.  The steepest 500 meters is 13% and steepest kilometer 10.4%.

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Roadway:  Until a short distance before the hairpins at kilometer 7.9 this is a 2 lane road in good condition with a center stripe.  By the hairpins this becomes a narrow 2 lane road in good condition with no center striping. 

Traffic:  Mild

Parking:  There is some parking on the right side of the road at the start of the climb (Map; Street View) or at the paid parking lot in Kotor - Route Map; Street View. 
There are a couple restaurants along the route - Restaurant Nevjesta Jadrana at kilometer 20.3 (Google Map + Reviews) and Konoba Krstac at kilometer 21.4 (Google Map + Reviews)
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There are 3 viewpoints along the hairpins from kilometers 15.6 to 18 and at least 5 other viewpoints on our trip to the mountaintop.  Be sure to visit Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic-Njegos at the top of the climb - Google Map + Reviews.  

There is also a Zip Line at kilometer 21 (Google Map + Reviews) if you are interested in such things - 😯



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Cycling Mount Lovcen, Montenegro

Ride 33.5 kilometers gaining 1,756 meters at 4.6% average grade

Photo Contributors:

  • Anja Kalan, Škofja Loka, Slovenija
  • Sander van der Borch, Delft , the Netherlands
  • Ivan Botica, Croatia

17 famous and magnificent hairpins for 7.9 kilometers beginning at kilometer 9.6

Climb summary by our Legendary Climbs co-author Ties Arts, Bussum, Netherlands.

Mount Lovcen is a legendary climb in Montenegro located in the Lovcen National Park Lovcen in the rocky region of Dinara Alps.

Lovcen stands for the ‘Black Mountain’ after which Montenegro got its name. History of flora and fauna plays important role in National Park Lovcen who with nine different habitats at a very small space.. There are 2000 plants in the Park. This abundance of life is the result of extreme altitudes influenced by two climate zones: Mediterranean and Continental. Their combination in such a small space creates a unique habitat.

The region has a deep history, being conquered variously of the centuries by Romans, Turks and Austrian-Hungars, ultimately becoming part of Yugoslavia  and finally gaining independence June 3, 2006.

Meet our 34 kilometer climb up to the Mausoleum from Kotor, the North route. What an extraordinary route this is.

The views along the way upward and also down to the Bay of Kotor are astonishing. Ivan Botica made a wonderful drone video: 

The pictures of our contributors says it all on Mount Lovcen, a truly Legendary Iconic Mountain!


At the summit there is the mausoleum of Montenegrin ruler and poet Petar II Petrovice Njegos. Construction began in 1951 and the mausoleum opened to the public in 1974. All regions of Mount Lovcen Montenegrins are considered sacred. As versus from a famous song say “Lovcen is our Holy altar”. Lovcen is a symbol of Montenegro and gives it national identity. As the Statue of Liberty is to US citizens so is Mount Lovcen to Montenegrins. Petar II wrote:  “Proud Lovcen Mountain, head above clouds higher under you proudly considers all marvelous nature creates”.

Thank you Ivan, Sander and Anja!!

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