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Callahan-Cecilville Road East


Remote and peaceful climb into Northern California's Klamath National Forest.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Callahan Road East

Callahan East:  Yet again another perfect road in the far north of California;  No cracks or potholes - smooth for the entire climb which makes for quite the fun descent!  The road has a middle-of-nowhere feel to it as it cuts through the southeastern section of Klamath National Forest.  

IMG_1283.JPG     IMG_1284.JPG

We are surrounded by fir, pine, and redwood forest  the majority of our climb which makes this a pleasant and comfortable climb.  We encounter very little traffic along the route (we saw one car). The forest thins towards the top of the climb, offering gorgeous views of the thickly forested  mountainsides of the Klamath National Forest as far as the eye can see.  This is a safe ride which can (should?) be done as an out-and-back from Callahan (Map of Out-and-Back) at 43.4 miles/6,540.

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Callahan Road West

Callahan West:  Another perfect road, go figure!  The scenery and surroundings on this side of the climb are the same as those from the east, although we encounter a couple switchbacks along this route.  We strongly suggest that, legs willing, you experience this climb together with Callahan East as an out-and-back. 

IMG_1382.JPG     IMG_1381.JPG