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Cohasset Road


Gem of a climb with many cool signs and buildings along the way - it's worth doing.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Cohasset is a gem of a climb and the Go-To out of Northern California’s Chico area. Our climb begins in sight of and following the Anderson Fork River at a steady 5-6% grade.  

IMG_1069.JPG     IMG_1089.JPG

These first few miles are without any shade and as all those who know the Chico area during the summer, it can get mighty H O T!  There is a bit of shade at mile 5 with a bit of a respite.  All traffic seems residential in nature and this is a mild traffic climb.

    Of note along the climb is a quaint old church, cool gas station with vintage pumps, and antique shop.  This is an old and somewhat tired area - One house had a sign saying it was built in 1907 and it appears so. The community is very rural, many guard dogs were barking and gunshots were audible as we climbed – somewhat the adventure, this!

IMG_1101.JPG     IMG_1133.JPG

     The road is in great condition and as noted, minimal traffic.  The last portion of the climb stair steps and ends at a gravel road. The descent is a blast and this climb is worth the effort if you live in, pass through or are visiting the Northern California Chico area and are game for a great workout.