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Mt. Lassen North


The more gradual ascent up Lassen - through thick forest most of the way.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mt. Lassen North, California - thick snow covered ground in foreground, overlooking snow capped mountains, blue sky, clouds

Cycling Mt. Lassen National Park North

Ride 16.5 miles, gaining 3,056’ at 3.4% average grade.

This ride begins at the northern route into Lassen National Park (est. 1916, 106,452 acres; ~500,000 visitors per year).  Mt. Lassen is the largest Lava Dome[1] volcano in the world.

Cycling Mt. Lassen North, California - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, red fungus growing out of pine needle covered ground, elevation sign reading 8,000 feet, bike parked in front of NPS sign for Lassen Volcanic National Park, two-lane highway with high snow walls on either side, two-lane highway on sunny day surrounded by pine trees

This is the easier of the two Lassen ascents – the grade is mild throughout, never exceeding 7.5%.  As can be seen from our Lassen North slideshow, we travel through heavily forested terrain for nearly all of the ascent.  The view opens towards the top of the climb and we have good views of the Cascade Mountains surrounding us, although the southern ascent offers the more epic views during the climb. The roadway is excellent on this side of the mountain, and traffic is mild and moves at a very safe speed – this is a safe climb.

    Cycling Mt. Lassen North, California - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, signs along climb route, snow covered ground overlooking mountains, thick evergreen forestation, bike on straight portion of two-lane highway

Cycling Mt. Lassen North, California - filling up water bottle by scraping it against snow wall, water bottle filled with snow

Being resourceful when your are riding 32+ miles round trip without provisions.

Cycling Mt. Lassen North, California - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, deep blue lake surrounded by mountains, views of mountainous terrain, evergreen trees on rocky ground along hillside, selfie of Taylor Hocket on summit

PJAMM Cycling’s Taylor Hocket

Fastest Known Time Lassen Bike Ride North + Run to Summit, August 6, 2020.

Ride 16.5 miles gaining 3,056’ at 3.4% average grade.

Run 2.4 miles gaining 1,770’ at 15.2% average grade.

[1] In volcanology, a lava dome is a circular mound-shaped protrusion resulting from the slow extrusion of viscous lava from a volcano. Dome-building eruptions are common, particularly in convergent plate boundary settings. Around 6% of eruptions on earth are lava dome forming (Lava Dome).