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Wilson Hill Climb


Wonderful climb near Mt. Lassen.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This is a wonderful climb near Mt. Lassen in Northern California. In an
alpine setting from the start, we travel a fairly short distance (4.4 miles) at a fairly tough gradient (7% average) to the top of the climb with views of Mt. Lassen along the way.  We feel and are in a remote area (although 126 Strava riders had done at least one climb on our route as of July, 2016) during the entire climb.  The road often fluctuates in gradient - 15% then 5% then back to 15% - the 7% average grade is a bit misleading as there are many points along the route where we have to really push the pedals.  

IMG_1268.JPG     IMG_1276.JPG
The roadway is in good condition and there is minimal traffic along the way. Remember, it can be brutally hot in these parts during the summer.