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Anderson Butte Road


Beware the "Private Property" sign along the way, but it does not seem to apply to through traffic.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

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An average grade of 7.2% belies the 9.3% average for 3 miles beginning at mile 2.5. Starts out very mellow.  The first few miles see a fair amount of big rig traffic, but the last 2/3’s of the climb are effectively private, along a remote and roughly paved road with no center stripe.  Beware that there is a “Private Property Next 3 miles” sign, but this does not appear to relate to travel on the roadway itself (note - our cleats on the ground​ PJAMM contributor Shawn Dingman from Ashland advises"yes, it's public and a real B! Where Aaron turned around is where the pavement ends. However you can continue along the gravel upwards for some more great roads."    

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We encountered a few unyielding big rigs at the bottom of the climb that either did not like cyclists or were not accustomed to accommodating them.  While this climb is but 6 miles from fairly good-sized Medford Oregon (78,000), there had been only 16 Strava riders to have ridden this stretch as of August, 2016.  Our advice – if you get the chance, do it.