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Cedar Flats


A hidden jewel!

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

 A hidden jewel – no doubt about it. Tucked between and outside of both Siskiyou and Klamath National Forests, this is a secret climbing oasis that only 15 Strava members had recorded as of August, 2016 - what a waste!  The scenery along this ride is exceptional and anyone with the time and interest in a special climb should make the time to tackle this one if they live or are ever anywhere near this climb – it will not disappoint.  

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 At a mere  6.7 miles Cedar flat packs a punch. It starts out with a sharp pitch up to 12% and fluctuates at a healthy grade thereafter. The road is extremely quiet and peaceful with very low traffic.  The road quality is near perfect but for a couple uncharacteristic brief rough spots along the way.  The road is bordered by lush, thick foliage and forest nearly the entire climb.  While the roadway narrows to nearly one lane without a shoulder for much of its route, this is immaterial as you are effectively on a private roadway nearly all the climb, particularly the upper section.  Just Do It. 


My pacer . . . hey, I’m 60 after all old-man-grey-coat | Tejvan Pettinger | Flickr