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Happy Camp North (Grayback Rd)


The Oregon start for the Happy Camp/Grayback Rd. climbs.

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Climb Summary


Grayback Road from California

This is a gorgeous road and ride.  We are bordered by wildflowers, redwoods and forest as we climb 9 miles through the northern portion of pristine Klamath National Forest.  On occasion during the climb, we have breathtaking views of the distant heavily wooded rugged and essentially unpopulated Klamath Mountains.

IMG_1576.JPG     IMG_1609.JPG

It is highly unlikely you will “be in the area” and no one lives out there, so we doubt many will ever appreciate this hidden jewel.  However, if you do happen to be in the remote and rugged Northern California Happy Camp area, be sure to experience this ride – or, better yet, as an out-and-back incorporating Grayback south (California) and Grayback north (Oregon) at 43 miles and 6,360' of climbing – Map of out-and-back.  

While we saw only one private vehicle during our climb, we did encounter many logging trucks, so beware of those.  The roadway is in surprisingly good shape, given posted signs warning that it is not maintained.

Happy Camp - Grayback Road from Oregon

Happy Camp/Grayback Road north is the Oregon side of the Grayback Road south climb.  Both the south and north segments of this road offer gorgeous and remote views of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range and Siskiyou and Klamath National Forest.  

IMG_1619.JPG     IMG_1626.JPG

While there is moderate traffic on the southern segment, we encounter very little vehicular traffic along the Oregon side of the route.  The roadway is in very good condition and you will enjoy this peaceful and private climb that ends at the California border.  A nice out-and-back from the beginning of this route is up to the Oregon/California border, then down to the beginning of the Grayback Road south climb and back (Map – 43.6 miles 6,397’ of climbing).