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Hualapai Mt. Road


Mundane start that improves with climb!

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Climb Summary

Cycling Hualapai Road, Kingman, AZ

Ride 11.1 miles gaining 3,028’ at 5.1%average grade.

Well - this one starts in uninspiring surroundings, but picks up scenery along the way, leaving us with a pretty cool overall ride, in our opinion.  And, absolutely, without a doubt, stay at the Ramada Inn, Kingman - it has a lot of Route 66 memorabilia and a decent grill and bar.



Hualapai Mountain Road runs out of the flat lands of Arizona on up to a comfortable alpine setting at just over 6,500'.   Traffic is a bit of a chore for the first few miles, but becomes extremely light as we pass the cutoff to Interstate 40 (Hwy 259) at mile 7.3, continuing straight on Hualapai Mountain Rd (AZ Scenic Hwy 147).  



We have an unnamed peak in our sights as we begin our climb up the mountain road at a pedestrian 4-5%, never really taxing ourselves.   We pass the peak to our right between miles 9 and 10.  From mile 9.5 to just shy of the finish, we are severely taxed with an 11.1% average grade - whew!  

So this one's a bit out there (middle of the desert), but it is certainly worth a go if you live in the area or are passing through.