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Mingus (Hwy 89A)


A MUST DO climb - spectacular views and a very interesting historical town on this one!

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Just DO IT!  We were so pleasantly surprised by this little known (only 346 riders per Strava as of 3-15-16) climb smack dab in the middle of Arizona.  This climb is about halfway between Sedona and Prescott on Hwy 89A.  We LOVED the Mingus Mountain climb for 2 primary reasons - (1) exceptional views back to the northeast of the spectacular Sedona mesa formations . . .

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... and (2) the late 19th century restored copper mining town of Jerome.  ​ After a couple of giant switchbacks at miles 3-4, we ride right through the very popular artist community of Jerome which has a similar feel to rides through small Pyrenees villages in France.  We suggest riding the 12.2 mile climb, then having lunch or a coffee back at Jerome which is close to the halfway point up the mountain.

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Traffic and Roadway Surface:  The roadway is in excellent condition and, although there is a lot of traffic on this Highway, towards the top it does travel at slower speeds than traffic at the bottom.