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Snowbowl Road


Climb high out of Flagstaff to Snowbowl Ski and Board Resort.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Well - we have climbed the United States, Spain, Italy and France, but we have never started in such cold conditions (19 degrees Fahrenheit on March 8, 2016 - ouch!) - that's what we get for riding up to the top of a ski resort during the winter! What were we thinking?  

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​This is the top climb in the Flagstaff area and #5 in Arizona.  With a fairly continuous 6% grade, this is a nice climb through Coconino National Forest up towards Humphrey's Peak,  along a well maintained road surrounded by pine trees and occasionally stands of aspen.  There are brief views of the plains below as we ascend, ending at Snow Bowl Ski and Snowboard Hill.


Roadway surface and traffic - the road dead ends at the top, so there is no through traffic - traffic is light and the roadway surface good.