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Hwy 175 - Cobb Mountain


Surrounded by Pine trees on our way up this Lake County climb.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This is a climb along what can be a moderately busy highway for its first mile.  However, the lanes are wide and there is a good shoulder most of way.  We are surrounded by trees most of the trip, but there is the occasional view of the Mayacama mountain range that we are riding up into (Cobb Mountain, which we ascend towards, is the highest point in the 52 mile Mayacama Range which runs through Mendocino, Lake, Napa and Sonoma Counties).  

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Other climbs within 50 miles that can be accessed with this segment are Socrates Mine Road (which actually intersects Hwy 175 at the beginning of the 175 ascent), Western Mine, Ida Clayton (if one continues over the summit of Western Mine Road into Sonoma County - see Climb Map to orient to these climbs). During the summer, the temperatures in this area can approach and exceed 100 degrees, so beware of the weather.  There are plenty of provisions in Middletown (4 miles from the start) and Cobb Mountain on Hwy 175 (just past the finish of the climb)

Roadway Surface/Traffic:  The roadway is in excellent condition with a shoulder most of the way.  Traffic is moderate at the bottom but light at the top of the climb. Although on a state highway, the climb feels fairly safe.