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Socrates Mine Road


Where else will you see 3 runaway truck ramps on a rural 3 mile road??

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


This is the third highest Fiets Index ranked climb in the Sonoma-Napa-Lake area and the highest which is fully paved (Mt. St Helena is no. 1 and Bald Mt no. 2, but cross bikes are recommended for them).  Note the two 22% segments on the Elevation Profile, on this Climb Page.  Another interesting feature on Socrates Mine Road is its 3 runaway truck ramps available for the unfortunate trucker, something we have not seen on any other rural narrow remote non-highway we have ridden. This ride is epic and highly recommended for serious climbers.  YouTube Video of Climb.

The extreme challenge of this climb begins at mile 2.2 and continues unabated to the top, averaging a startling 15.3% for final 1.3 miles - all the more challenging during the summer when temperatures often approach and exceed 100 degrees.


Roadway surface/Traffic:  The roadway is mildly deteriorated, but manageable.  This is a 2 lane remote road that has no bike lane, but has very low traffic flow.