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Mt. Vision


An enjoyable climb in relatively remote northern Marin County

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Climb Summary


This is an "outlier" climb by Marin County standards - only 1,030 Strava segment attempts as of August 29, 2015 versus over 30,000 for climbs closer to "civilization" and the very popular Mt. Tam routes.  However, this is an enjoyable and unique climb in a remote area of Marin where you are likely to encounter no one during your 4.4 trek to the top.  There are great views of the Pacific Ocean and coastline to the west and one spot where we have a great view of Napa County's Mt St. Helena some 50 miles north.  



There is wildlife along the route - during our 2 time up the climb, we've encountered a very handsome coyote, bunnies, quail and various other bird life.  

​ This climb can be done as a comfortable and scenic out-and-back beginning at the start of the Limantour climb in Point Reyes National Seashore, travelling to the top of the Mt. Vision climb and back (route map).

The roadway is narrow with no center line and a bit of debris on it, so descend with caution.