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Hopland Grade


Pass between Mendocino and Lake Counties - a lot of trucks pulling boats during the summer!

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Climb Summary

This is a busy but challenging climb.  The road is quite windy as we climb away from the vineyards and settle into an even 6-7% grade surrounded by steep hillside and oaks which block distant views for the majority of the climb.  

Cycling the Hopland Grade - oak tree and sign

   Bike Climb of Hopland Grade - finish and sign

 Roadway surface/Traffic:  The roadway is good shape, but this is a busy roadway as it is one of the few connectors from Hwy 101 (west side) to Lake County.  Due to the steep and windy configuration of the road, traffic generally travels fairly slow up the grade, although during the summer there are many vehicles towing boats in route to Clearlake.