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Mountain View Road


A quiet ride towards the coast from Booneville.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summaries

The series of Mountain View Road climbs generally begin at the northwestern edge of Booneville, CA, just past the Booneville Airport.  


Booneville is a quaint town in the Anderson Valley Appellation wine region.  There are many vineyards surrounding Booneville and several cafe/market/delis to choose from there - we suggest parking in Booneville, riding an out and back on Mountainview Road then enjoying the rustic and quaint Booneville area for a few hours or afternoon.

There are 4 Mountain View Road climbs, none of which are too much of a challenge for the average serious cyclist.  We are surrounded and shaded by trees much of the route, so this is a good ride even on hot days - it was hovering around 100 on the day we did the out-and-back, yet the temperature was tolerable for most of our climb due to the many shaded areas.

IMG_6037.JPG      IMG_6042.JPG

We do travel through some redwoods which always makes for a pleasant experience.

The roadway varies from double lane with no shoulder to a wide single lane.  There are very few potholes (as of September, 2015), but the roadway can be a bit rough in places.