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Orr Springs Road West


Starts near beautiful Montgomery Woods State Reserve.

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Climb Summary



Orr Springs Road East

This is the most difficult road bike climb in Mendocino County.  The climb begins immediately with a double digit grade and peaks out at a 10.2% average grade from mile 2.5-3.0.


 There are occasional views of forested hillside to the west along the canyon we follow for most of the ride, giving way to thickly forested borders along the road towards the top.  

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9 miles northwest along Orr Springs Road past the end of the listed climb is
Montgomery Woods State Reserve which is one of the most remote of the 31 California State Parks and definitely worth the extra time to ride to if one has the time.
Roadway surface/Traffic:  The roadway is in good condition, with minimal traffic, but no shoulder to speak of for the length of the climb.  

Orr Springs Road West

This portion of Orr Springs Road can be a nice out-and-back from Ukiah (Map) at 24 miles and 3,950’ of climbing.  Orr Springs West begins at Orr Springs Resort and continues at a healthy 7.4% average grade for 4.2 miles to the Orr Springs Road Summit. Along the way, we encountered deer, quail and some very inquisitive cows. This is rural Mendocino County at its best - a very private, rough road that presents much privacy and a great cycling challenge.
There are no provisions along this route and the road is rough with no shoulder, but there is very little traffic, so this is a safe and pleasant ride.

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