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Atlas Peak


Challenging Climb starting near Silverado Golf and Country Club just east of Napa and ending at dead end 8.3 miles up the road (sadly - burned out in 2017 fires)

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This is a rural and generally private climb through the southeastern section of Napa County into the Vaca Mountain Range which is home to Atlas Peak Appellation.  

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Along this climb we are treated to views of San Pablo Bay, Mt. Tamalpais, grazing cattle, wild flowers, field stone, a high-end pet cemetery, and, of course, vineyards!  

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The climb has to be an out-and-back as it dead ends after 8 miles.  This is a favorite of Napa Valley cyclists and for good reason.


Out and Back

   Traffic/Roadway Surface:  The roadway is narrow after the first few miles and never has a shoulder.  However, there  minimal traffic and we rate this  as a very safe road for cyclists.  The roadway is a bit rough and beware of loose gravel on the descent.

     Sadly, in October, 2017 this beautiful slice of Napa County Wine Country was decimated by the worst fire in California history.