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Ink Grade Road


Fun and mild climb out of Pope Valley

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Climb Summary

Cycling Napa County’s Ink Grade

Ride 4 miles gaining 1,060’ at 5% average grade.

Start by riding up Ink Grade from its T intersection with Pope Valley Road

This is a wonderfully private climb through a rural and gorgeous section of Napa  County.  As can be seen from the slideshow above, you experience vineyards (of  course, this is Napa County, after all!), a beautiful lake at the start, a canopy of trees most of the climb and the privacy that comes with remote climbs in this area.  


Clif Farms

Along  our ride in April 2015, we encountered Gil who is the caretaker for the Clif Bar  property on Ink Road.  Gil grew up as a cyclist in England and still has a love for the sport.  At the request of the property's owners after their cycling trip to France,  he fashioned 2 cycling monuments reminiscent of the French Alps (we slipped a non-Ink Grade photo into the slideshow for comparison sake only . . . . )


   A nice 25 mile loop, that includes ascending Ink Grade, begins at Old Howell  Mountain Road and Silverado Trail, climbing Old Howell Mountain and Ink Grade  (Map).  

    Traffic/Roadway Surface:  The roadway is narrow and a bit bumpy (no problem at  all ascending, but a bit rough descending).  There is minimal traffic and we rate this  as a very safe road for cyclists.

That’s a wrap!!