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Oakville Grade


One of the steepest climbs in the North Bay.

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Climb Summary

Climbing Oakville Grade Road by bike  - roadway near top

Cycling the Oakville Grade  -- steepest bike climb in Napa County.

Ride 1 mile gaining 753’ to elevation 940’ at 13.2% average grade.

This is the second steepest climb in the wine country.  The climb is tough throughout, but the crux of the effort is 15.8% for  4/10ths of a mile beginning just after the 1/2 mile point.   This brute is in the heart of wine country, about 12.5 miles north of Napa and seven miles south of St. Helena.

Bicycle climb up Oakville Grade Road - drone photo of view east towards St. Helena Highway- vineyards and roadway.

Road leading to the start of the climb.

View east toward Highway 29 and the Napa Valley.

Start of Oakville Grade Road climb by bike

Start of climb -- Oakville Grade Road.

The “winding” isn’t the problem . . .

Bicycle ride up Oakville Grade Road - view east from start - road surrounded by trees. 

Ground view photo looking away from start of the climb.

Okay -- let’s rumble . . .

Bike climb of Oakville Grade Road - Drone photo of the grade.

THE grade!

Last stretch . . .

Cycling Oakville Grade Road - photo of sign

Head on to Dry Creek climb to Trinity or Mt. Veeder.

Supplies:  Great sandwiches, snacks, drinks, etc. are available on Highway 29 at the Oakville Grocery, a stone’s throw to the north from the intersection of  Oakville Grade and Highway 29.  

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  The roadway is in excellent condition with a good bike lane the entire climb.  Riding in Napa County is a treat as the roads here are maintained very well, and more often than not offer ample bike lanes.


Cycling Oakville Grade Road - photo of sign 

Levi Leipheimer, Lance Armstrong, Chris Horner

Oakville Grade, Stage 2 of the 2010 Tour of California

Photo:  Scott Walnofer Blog

The Oakville Grade has been featured once in the Tour of California:

  • 2010, Stage 2
  • Davis to Santa Rosa (eastern approach)
  • 111.9 miles, 8,486’
  • Stage winner: Brett Lancaster (AUS)

That’s a wrap!!