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Spring Mountain Road


Beautiful climb with great vineyard views along one of the toughest climbs in Sonoma-Napa-Lake Counties.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Spring Mountain Road - aerial photo of mt st helena

Mt. St. Helena - Aerial drone photo from the top of Spring Mountain

This climb ranks #8 on the Tri-County Top Climb list with Fiets Index of 4.0. The first couple miles of  the climb are generally shaded under a canopy of trees.  Just past 2 miles, we encounter a  very sharp left turn and the road pitches up dramatically for most of the remaining second half of the  climb -  1.9 miles, 1,100' at 11.2% average grade.  This is a beautiful climb - the first several miles are  rural and wooded, while the steeper last half treats us to classic Napa County hillside vineyards,  quite spectacular in the spring and summer - truly some of the best vineyard-climb views  in Napa County.  

Bike climb Spring Mountain Road - Spring Mountain Road sign with cyclist riding by   

Bicycle ride Spring Mountain Road - share the road sign


  Cycling Spring Mountain Road - PJAMM Tayler Hocket riding bike on road past pond and vineyards

This climb can be broken into 2 separate ascents, Spring Mountain #1 (2.2 miles / 532' / 4.2%  average grade)  and Spring Mountain #2 (1.9 miles / 1,100 / 11.2% average grade).

Traffic/Roadway surface:  The road is wide with a bike lane much of the way and the surface is  excellent.  Traffic is mild to moderate.

Spring Mountain Road - aerial drone panorama photo of Napa Valley and Mt. St. Helena

Mt. St. Helena and northern Napa Valley - aerial drone pano from the top of Spring Mountain.